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When you visit HSE Press Journal, you will find engaging and informative articles on a variety of safety topics. Our journal gives you valuable insights into the occupational safety and health industry.

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Connect, Ask, and Discuss

Every safety professional has something unique to bring to the table. The opportunity to engage with others is the key to improving safety within the workplace.

In our forum, you can connect with other safety professionals, ask questions, start discussions, and share your knowledge and expertise with others in your field.

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Our store provides a growing list of books and other safety products.

Our many years of experience in the occupational safety and health industry has brought a familiarity with various resources and products to make your life as a safety professional easier.  We think these products will make a difference in your life and workplace. Shop Now


Our Mission

At HSE Press, we understand the real meaning of workplace safety. Though a legal, social, and moral imperative, workplace safety is really about putting your best foot forward.

As a division of Geigle Safety Group, HSE Press has been created for all safety enthusiasts and leaders who strive to stay current in their respective industries. With safety as your passion and our expertise, together we will be able to build lasting connections to help make the world a safer place to work.

Core Goals

  • Redefine workplace safety as engaging and memorable in the minds of all individuals

  • Spread sound safety practices to all businesses around the world to decrease accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

  • Connect safety professionals to one another for meaningful discussion about important safety topics.

  • Facilitate a space where individuals can ask safety questions and give helpful answers.

  • Distribute current safety articles and news to keep today’s workforce more informed.

  • Recommend top safety products so employers and managers can make better purchasing decisions.


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